Refused ESA For Putting A Crumpet In The Toaster, And Other Stories Of DWP Nonsense

Same Difference

Last week, highly respected blog Vox Political asked its readers to send in the nonsense reasons their disability benefit claims were turned down. Here are some of them, reprinted with many thanks in the interest of sharing DWP madness as widely as possible. They are all anonymous.

All of the comments that follow are true, and were made by real people. I have anonymised them for obvious reasons.

Let’s start with a person who was denied a home assessment. The reason? “He can get to hospital for cancer treatment.” Have a little think about that. Where else but hospital was this person ever going to get cancer treatment? And shouldn’t cancer automatically qualify him for benefit? Apparently not.

Try this: “Can heat up a tin of beans and make toast” The person concerned had explained that if they actually ate beans on toast they would be hospitalised.

“Can sit in the…

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