BBC tv’s ‘Panorama’ – lying propaganda hatchet-job on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

Concerning the ongoing right-wing/Israeli lying propaganda vendetta on Jeremy Corbyn and the overwhelmingly NON-anti-Semitic genuinely centre-left socialist party he leads: Panorama hatchet-job part five: It’s not WHAT you know – it’s WHO

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Panorama hatchet-job part five: It’s not WHAT you know – it’s WHO


I feel like a little rant.

While Trump behaves like an evil corrupt demented three-year old – would the witch Clinton have been that much better? Apart from Hillary the Wall Street shill, the main thing that comes to my mind about her is “We came, we saw, he died ha ha ha!” Cackle cackle. Witch or bitch? Both? So the USA decides to pound Gaddafi’s Libya into submission, with the British bulldog and the French poodle obediently hanging on to its coattails. Motive? As far as I’m concerned it’s perfectly obvious. Gaddafi was threatening to take Libyan oil off the petrodollar. As is currently the case with Iran. As was also the case with Syria, I believe. Sod’em Insane in Iraq too? So the western triumvirate, led by bully boy USA, visits a little of that familiar ‘shock and awe’ on Libya, turning it into the basket case it is now – with the dregs of Islam quarrelling like rabid dogs over the corpse of Libya. Gaddafi’s Libya, for all his personal faults, such as they were, was in many ways a model state. Ditto Syria – essentially secular Syria – before the dogs of war were unleashed on it, this time apparently led by imported Islamic hordes, though one might wonder whether the USA helped things along before joining in itself, along with its sidekicks – Israel gloating on the sidelines, except when the opportunity arises to lob a few bombs or missiles into the mix. With Saudi Arabia bombing the bejasus out of Yemen (wrong variety of Moslem) and sticking their dirty fingers in here there and everywhere, it’s actually difficult not to feel a strong degree of sympathy with Iran, in spite of its nasty hard-line religious despotism. Is it any more despicable than the west’s hard-line capitalist despotism? Or Russia’s, or China’s? Russia was never communist or Marxist – ‘from each according to his (or her) ability, to each according to his (or her) needs’ – ha! Unless you were a member of the politburo, the ruling clique… There never has been a state run to Marxist principles – not that I’m a Marxist. Socialist, yes. And wasn’t it all but incredible what Attlee’s post-war Labour government managed to do in the UK? An amazing achievement under the most difficult conditions imaginable. And frittered away over the years to benefit the usual – capitalist – suspects. I could go on, and on, but that’ll do for now. Maybe more another time…

Muslimsk islamofobi?


Mohamed Omar

Ska man tro vänstern så är västvärlden ett dåligt ställe för muslimer. Korsfararnas hat lever till exempel kvar i lusten att teckna Muhammedkarikatyrer. Det kallas ”islamofobi”, ett ord som ingen begriper. Ibland verkar det räcka med att inte tro att Muhammed var en profet för räknas som islamofob. Men låt oss säga att islamofobi är att hata muslimer, även schyssta muslimer.

Då visar det sig att muslimerna själva är ganska bra på detta. Islamofobin som få talar om: muslimernas islamofobi. Tittar man hur det ser ut i världen så är muslimer mer fria att utöva sin religion i väst än i muslimska länder. I de flesta muslimska länder finns lagar som diskriminerar icke-rättrogna muslimer och som reglerar vem som får öppna en moské och vad som får läras ut i den. I Sverige och övriga västvärlden kan vem som helst, shia eller sunni, liberal eller konservativ, öppna en…

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The Mood Among Corbyn Supporters

Turning the Tide

This week, The Guardian conducted a survey to ascertain ‘the mood among Labour supporters’. The piece starts with a gloomy  sentence, ‘Membership of the Labour Party is expected to fall below half a million for the first time since its peak under Jeremy Corbyn,’ which gives us an immediate insight into the type of fish they are hoping to scoop into the survey’s net. Couple that with the fact all Corbyn supporters are painfully aware of the Guardian’s anti-Corbyn stance and you can understand why Corbyn supporters would view this survey – fairly or unfairly -with a certain degree of cynicism. I know because I was one of them.

When people shared the link to the survey in pro-Corbyn FB groups the reaction was mixed, but leaned toward the negative. But the one response which jumped out at me, was from a woman who said, ‘if we all refuse to…

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